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FCBD 2016 Comic Bug Spiderman Cosplay

Free Comic Book Day

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee_800.jpg

Silicon Valley Comic Con

Emerald City Comicon 2016 (4)_800.jpg

Emerald City Comicon

Denver Comic Con 2016_800.jpg

Denver Comic Con

WonderCon 2017_1200


D23 EXPO 2015 George Lucas and Bob Iger_1200.jpg



San Diego Comic-Con International

Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 (2)_1200

Star Trek Las Vegas

Supernatural Minneapolis 2016 (1)_1200

Supernatural Convention

Rose City Comic Con 2015 Stormtrooper Family.jpg

Rose City Comic Con

Dragon Con 2016

Dragon Con

HawaiiCon 2016



Phoenix Comicon

Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016_960

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con

Gallifrey One 2017

Gallifrey One

Indigenous Comic Con 2016

Indigenous Comic Con


Star Wars Celebration

HeroesCon 2015 (2)_1200


San Diego Comic Fest 2017_1200

San Diego Comic Fest

CONvergence 2016 4th Doctor Connie (1)_800.jpg


Phoenix Fan Fest 2016_1200

Phoenix Fan Fest

CONsole Room 2015 Cyberman head on a platter_1200.jpg

Console Room

Tucson Comic-Con 2016_1200

Tucson Comic-Con

MSP ComiCon 2016 (10)_800.jpg

MSP ComiCon

Amazing! Hawaii Comic Con 2016 Bryan Revell_800.jpg

Amazing! Hawaii Comic Con

Dallas Comic Show 2016 (10)_800.jpg

Dallas Comic Show

Conventions, Expos, and Fan Fests

In the nerdy universe there is always a comic-con going on somewhere. Here's our list of events, conventions and fan fests we have attended in the past, complete with all the pro details you need to plan out your best experience. Items are in calendar order. 

CONsole Room

January 15-17, 2021, Bloomington, MN

CONsole Room is a fan-run Doctor Who convention in its third year. The small size, under 1,000, offers a perfect intimate experience. There are programming tracks geared to all levels of fandom. 

Gallifrey One

February 12-14, 2021, Los Angeles, CA POSTPONED UNTIL 2022

Gallifrey One is an annual Doctor Who convention that is fan-run. All things Whovian are celebrated from the classic to the new at this family-friendly, lively convention, full of costumers and cosplayers. Daleks and K-9s seem to roam free amongst the Doctors and the Masters. 

Long Beach Comic Expo

February 13-14, 2021, Long Beach, CA

A comic expo with a large exhibit hall as the centerpiece and featuring comic creators, space expo, laser tag, gaming and more.

Emerald City Comicon

March 4-7, 2021, Seattle, WA

NEW DATES! Emerald City is a large convention that covers many fields of interest from comic book creators, authors, fandom favorites, current TV personalities, gaming and tournaments, along with Lego exhibits. Emerald City Comicon provides something for all ages and all fandoms.


March 26-28, 2021, Anaheim, CA

This large convention is affiliated with San Diego Comic-Con International. The focus is comic book-related pop culture. Numerous panels from DC Entertainment and other large corporate publishers are featured. 

Free Comic Book Day

May 1, 2021

Comic Book stores across the country participate in handing out free samples. Many locations have comic artists, writers and creators there to sign comics. 

Denver Pop Culture Con

May 14-16, 2021, Denver, CO

Denver Pop Culture Con is operated by and benefits Pop Culture Classroom. A family-focused, part education convention – part comic-con. A variety of multimedia celebrities, authors, artists, and exhibitors in both the panels and exhibit hall.

MSP SpringCon

May 15-16, 2021, Falcon Heights, MN

This is a classic, old-school, comic book convention. Operating since, 1988, it's family friendly with artists, pencilers, inkers, and writers making up the majority of exhibitors. 

Phoenix Fan Fusion

May 28-30, 2021, Phoenix, AZ

NEW DATES! Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comic Fest) has grown to be a large and independent convention. Indoors there are panels, exhibits, a film school and tons more programming. And then there are outdoors: Saber walk, live music, and performers.


June 18-21, 2021, Charlotte, NC

Heroescon is all about comic book creators. An enormous artist’s alley and indie island as well as publishers can be found on the exhibit hall floor.

San Diego Comic-Con International

July 22-25, 2021, San Diego, CA

This is the comic-con. This is the large, big-daddy, comic-con. More than 130,000 people walked the exhibit halls and waited in epic lines for Hall H. 


August 5-8, 2021, Minneapolis, MN

CONvergence — the celebration where science fiction and fantasy genres converge. The four-day, non-stop fandom event has a unique theme each year, carried throughout panels, guests and often with cosplay.

55 Year Mission (formerly Star Trek Las Vegas)

August 11-15, 2021, Las Vegas, NV

The Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas, presented by Creation Entertainment and the CBS Corporation, is inclusive of the entire Star Trek franchise. Many interactive activities like Quark’s Bar, Karoke with Klingons and iconic scene photo ops. Ticket package prices vary by experience and assigned seating. 

Dragon Con

September 2-6, 2021 Atlanta, GA

At Dragon Con, fans and fandoms collide in an always vast and memorable four days in Atlanta, GA. This fan-centric con is comprised of more than 40 different fandoms, each with its own track and primary location. Great for cosplay sightseeing.

Rose City Comic Con

September 10-12, 2021, Portland, OR

Rose City is a great little comic-con with a standard mix of comic book creators, actors of classic and new sci-fi genre, and pop culture. With Portland being home to prominent comic book writers, panels are typically a higher quality. 

Los Angeles Comic Con

September 24-26, 2021, Los Angeles, CA

Stan "The Man" Lee himself presents this comic con where the Superhero, in all its forms, is celebrated. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, brings the eerie Halloween fun. There are comics, movies, merchandise, panels, and a special cosplay party, but don't miss Stan Lee's Mega Museum, displaying items from his career. 

Dallas Comic Show

Dates for 2020 to be announced

Like the old school comic conventions of our youth, this one is a small show tucked into all the nooks of a civic center within a municipal building but with big time guests and spirit.


Supernatural Convention

Various dates and locations

An on-tour style officially licensed convention, with numerous stops at cities in North America and Europe each year. Focused exclusively on the Supernatural TV Series. Ticket package prices vary by experience and assigned seating.

Tucson Comic-Con

Dates for 2021 to be announced

Started in 2008, this relatively new comic-con has grown to more than 15,000. The organizers have expanded each year to become a citywide event, celebrating all things pop culture. 

Superhero Saturday

Dates for 2021 to be announced

Superhero Saturday is a one-day wonder pop-culture charity fundraising event organized by the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association  with support from the costuming and cosplay community.

Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con

Dates for 2021 to be announced

Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con’s primary focus is comic books and their creators from both the national stage as well as local talent. An affordable family friendly event.


Dates for 2022 to be announced

Once every two years Disney puts on D23 EXPO —The Ultimate Disney Fan Event for lovers of all things Disney. D23 is the Disney Fan Club (D for Disney, 23 for 1923, the year Walt Disney founded the company). The Disney family includes Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars so this year expect a full con experience, including exclusive news and merchandise. 

San Diego Comic Fest

Dates for 2021 to be announced

San Diego Comic Fest, put together by some of the original founders of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), strives to capture the original spirit of comic conventions of the 1980s. It has everything you’d expect from a comic-con, like panels, artist alley, comics, collectibles, cosplay, and gaming, but in a smaller, more relaxed atmosphere. 

MSP FallCon

Dates for 2021 to be announced

This small, family-friendly, comic-book focused sibling of MSP SpringCon is referred to as "the one day wonder."

SiliCon with Adam Savage (formerly Silicon Valley Comic Con)

Dates for 2021 to be announced

Promoted as celebrating being a geek, this comic-con in its inaugural year did just that. Steve Wozniak is behind the vision and attracted a host of celebrities such as: William Shatner, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Jeremy Renner among others. 


Dates for 2021 to be announced

HawaiiCon is a tropical island vacation, comic-con, and a trip to the planet Vulcan all wrapped up into one. More of a comic-con adventure than a comic and pop culture convention.

Amazing! Comic Con Aloha

Dates for 2021 to be announced

Amazing! Hawaii Comic Con’s primary focus is comic books and their creators from both the national stage as well as local talent. An affordable family friendly event.

IndigiPop X

Dates for 2021 to be announced

A new, small comic convention that features classic superheroes and independent comics from indigenous creators from around the globe.

Star Wars Celebration

August 18-21, 2022, Anaheim, CA

Star Wars Celebration, a pop-culture style convention focusing on all things Star Wars, is produced in conjunction with Lucasfilm Ltd. It provides first looks at upcoming productions, merchandise, movie prop exhibits and more. Locations (worldwide) and dates vary. 

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