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Vulcan Travel Guide

Take a trip to Vulcan... literally. Let this wonderful book be your guide. 



Captain’s Log

A notebook for all your log entries.


Bluetooth Communicator

Flip the communicator and ask Scottie to beam you up! Compatible with mobile phones.

Klingon Empire Travel Guide

Tired of vacationing at idyllic beach resorts? This guide will bring you to the core of the Klingon Empire. 

Romulan T-Shirt

T-shirt for the subtle nerd. 


Visit Risa Poster

Picard’s memorable shore leave evoked in a Vintage travel style Star Trek TNG poster.



Ten-Forward Vodka

This officially licensed spirit has gone where no vodka has gone before. 

Star Trek Phaser TV Remote

We all want to shoot the TV at times, now do it to change the channel.  

Final Frontier Forever Stamps

Send your letters ... to the Final Frontier ... in style. 


DS9 Baseball Shirt

A tee for the subtle Star Trek fan.

Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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