Sciencey, nerdy stuff, minus the pocket protector.

Pi Digit Pencils

Hand-writing pi takes a long time — and a lot of lead.


Three Missions Note Set

Limited edition Field Notes memo book set celebrating America’s moon missions.

Savage Industries Bag

Ultra useful bag or toolbox in disguise from Mr. Mythbuster himself.


Thunder Lizard Sweatshirt

The original sweatshirt from Stranger Things, plus your purchase supports science education.

Multifunction Tool Pen

Engineering or tinkering this is the gadget to help get the job done.

Gimme Some Space Purse

Funky purse from designer Betsey Johnson.


Caffeine Molecule Travel Mug

For when knowing the properties of caffeine are as important as keeping it hot.


Breathe mints Tin

Just the sort of functional nerdery you need for your adventure.

Heavy Metals T-shirt

Rock On!

Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links.