MJ Wilke


Professional Traveler. Lifelong Nerd. Sports Geek.


Wayward Nerd was created from combining two predominant facets of MJ’s life: being a traveler and a nerd. Blessed with an internal nerd compass, she set out to create a resource to help others find nerdy travel.


As a child MJ dreamed about being Captain Kirk, going where no man has gone before, and Doctor Who, traveling anywhere in space and time. Later, dreaming about being like Ford Prefect, the intrepid contributor to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


The desire to travel and explore continued on after childhood, and MJ eventually became a professional “road warrior” with AAA. She spent the last two decades on the road as an AAA Inspector averaging 200 nights a year away from home. Inspecting, writing, and editing the AAA TourBook fed her need to travel and to become more like those beloved characters.


Her quest to be like Kirk, Ford, and The Doctor continues on with Wayward Nerd.


Current obsessions:  The Thrilling Adventure Hour, DeFraction Zdarsky, Murdoch Mysteries, Minnesota Twins

Lifelong obsessions: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Travel, Hockey

1st Convention: A small, local Doctor Who fan convention in the late 1970s in Bloomington, MN. 

Wayward Nerd, L.L.C.

PO Box 11492

Saint Paul, MN 55111


Chris Gore


Batman is my spirit animal.


Chris Gore is a comedian and writer who was a regular on G4TV's “Attack of the Show.” He is also the founder of Film Threat, the author of several movie books, including the “Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide,” writer/producer of the feature comedy “My Big Fat Independent Movie,” and his podcast is PodCRASH with That Chris Gore.


Current obsessions: The Flash on the CW

Lifelong obsessions: Star Trek/Wars

1st Convention: The Detroit Auto Show in 1976 where I met Leonard Nimoy. The second was San Diego Comic-Con in 1990.