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Urban Camping ... Gear up for your indoor comic-con adventure.

Coleman Collapsible Cooler

Expensive hotel with no fridge, no problem. This cooler collapses and fits into your suitcase.

Thermos 12 oz R2 

Epic Starbucks Line? R2 can help with that, iced or hot, coffee or tea, it can handle it.

Whiskey Jerky

A manly snack while in line for that comic-con party or whenever dad wants some jerky, which is always. 

Black & Decker Rice Cooker

Small, lightweight rice cooker will make full meals in your room.


Thermos Food Jar

Great for hot breakfast while waiting in the early, early morning line. 


Portable Picnic Set

Civilized hotel room dining without the room service fees.

Jelly Belly Caffeine Beans

Convenient caffeine boosts that won't leak in your backpack.

Collapsible Mug/Bowl

Sea to Summit X-Mug and X-Bowl set with storage pouch.


REI Sit Pad

Very lightweight, inflatable seat cushion. Rolls up and fits in your backpack.

Lightload Towels

This towel is the size of a quarter but expands to clean up big messes. Don’t Panic, you will always know where your towel is.

Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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