3.14159265359 ... Pi day (March 14)

Pi Plate

A Pi plate, you know, for pie you can eat. We give it 3.14 stars!

Pi Temporary Tattoo

Perfect way to display pi, at least temporarily.

How To Bake Pi Book

An irrational cookbook wrapped in a mathematics textbook.

PI Fruit Bowl

The numbers in Pi wrap around the fruit in this unusual interpretation of pie.

Come to the Math Side T-shirt

Forget the dark side and their cookies, the math side has pi.

Pi Digit Pencils

Hand-writing pi takes a long time — and a lot of lead.

Math Glass Set

Every good mathematician needs a nice beverage. 

Pi Math Adventure Book

Follow the adventures of Sir Cumference, Lady Di of Ameter and Radius in this series for students.

Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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