For you know who...

It's a clock on your wrist!

A fashionable timepiece that goes well with scarves. 


Doctor Who Coasters

Doctor Who coasters in Gallifreyan from the official prop makers.



50th Anniversary Collection

Includes BBC Doctor Who at the Proms - a must watch for Whovian music fans.


4th Doctor Scarf

Classic. Iconic. 

Risk Game: Dalek Invasion

Five Dalek armies in an epic fight to control planet Earth and EX-TER-MIN-ATE opponents.

Doctor Who Audible Book

"The Angel's Kiss" audible book is a great way to take the Doctor with you.

TARDIS Knapsack

Measures 15x1x13.5 inches. Dare we say, "It's bigger on the inside?"


13th Doctor TARDIS Tote

Business on the outside, party on the inside.

Hallucinogenic Lip Balm

Hello Sweetie! Lip Balm from River Song’s toolbox. It’s just the name, no hallucinogenics.

Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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