Let’s get nerdy about books.

Muggle Book Bag

Harry Potter Alliance charity fundraising book bag.

GoT Stamps

Royal Mail UK stamps to send on your missives from the North Wall.

HHG2G Hardcover Journal

Create your own guide to the galaxy. Page 1: Mostly Harmless.


Game of Thrones Audible

It’s safe to read (or listen to) the books now, #nospoilers.

Match "Book" Matches

Man makes fire. Make it cooler with match-“book” matches. 


Don't Panic Enamel Pin Set

Great way to wear your fandom on your lapel! And a generally good life reminder. 

Sherlock Holmes Audio Shorts

Benedict Cumberbatch reads four new Sherlock Homes short stories. Brilliant!


Hermoine’s Pencil Pouch

Wise words from Hermoine on this Harry Potter Alliance pencil pouch.

Ka Hopita (Hawaiian Edition)

For the completest collector looking for something unique to have on the bookshelf. Aloha.


Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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