When a tie just doesn‘t cut it...

Stormtrooper Decanter

Officially licensed and created from original 1976 prop molds. Maybe the only good shot from a Stormtrooper.

Iron-Man Light-Up Luggage

What could possibly be better for your travel belongings than Iron-Man's armor? 

Romulan Ale T-shirt

It’s no secret that dads love Star Trek and beer. Combine two loves with this T-shirt for the subtle nerd.  

Samurai Darth Vader

The original Darth Vader costume was based on a Japanese Samurai, this unique collectible builds upon that origin.

Star Trek Phaser TV Remote

We all want to shoot the TV at times, now do it to change the channel.  

It's a clock on your wrist!

A fashionable timepiece that goes well with scarves. 


Superfight Card Game

A game of epic fight scenarios. A zombie swinging a shark or Lincoln on a rocket with kitten for a hand. 

Whiskey Jerky

A manly snack while in line for that comic-con party or whenever dad wants some jerky, which is always. 

Batman Tactical Backpack

Batman's utility belt in backpack form.

Batmobile Key Chain

Qmx steel-alloy key chain for Dad’s batmobile.

Firefly Playing Cards

There is nothing in the ‘verse quite like these playing cards.

Match "Book" Matches

Man makes fire. Make it cooler with match-“book” matches. 


Some, but not all of these items are through affiliate links. 

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