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On a SPN Roadtrip to the Supernatural Convention in Minneapolis?

By MJ Wilke

The Supernatural Convention Minneapolis provides an opportunity for fans to embrace the SPN fandom. With your tickets purchased and seats assigned, it’s now time to plan your extracurricular activities – see below for suggestions on what to do, where to go and how to get more from your trip. Take a deeper dive into the fun of the fandom!


At the Con

Friday People. If it’s your first Supernatural convention, here is a tip from veterans – don’t skip Friday’s sessions, be a Friday person. Be in your seat for the Welcome and don’t miss the Friday Night Karaoke Party.


Eat & Drink. Breakfast at Angel Food Bakery and lunch at Hell’s Kitchen, which is downstairs from Angel Food – seriously, because where else would it be! Dinner and drinks at Brits Pub. Why? Angel Food and Hell’s Kitchen because it’s all in the name (plus great food), and Brits Pub because it’s the place where a couple years back Jared and Jensen along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan played bocce late into the night. All are within walking distance from the convention center.



Road Trip. Along your way to the con, stop at a Supernatural City and take a selfie with the town sign; it’ll be a fun photo souvenir from your convention trip. Or go a step further and send a postcard. The Upper Midwest has numerous towns the boys “visited” and a few places even in the Twin Cities, so if you flew in no worries. Here is a link to a list of cities (thru Season 9). Although our Wayward Nerd Supernatural City Road Trip contest is over, you can still post your selfie on social media with #WaywardSPNRoadTrip. Bragging rights, after all.


Run from Demons. Grab a group of friends/fans and go for a walk/run as if demons are chasing you. Fandom Virtual Running has a gorgeous Baby 6.7K Impala race medal  Or SuperWhoLock fans can go for the Whovian Running Club’s Demon’s Run medal. Virtual races are real places but at your pace.


Nerdy Places. For SuperWhoLock fans, here are a few other local spots of interest. For more information on these and other geekie hot spots in Minnesota, check out our Nerdy Places.

Tardis Little Library – part of the Little Free Library program, offers great photo opportunities.

Source Comic and Games – great place to pick up Doctor Who and Supernatural comics and role-playing games.          

DreamHaven Books, Comics and Art – the place to find all types of Neil Gaiman writings.

Red Balloon Bookshop – although there is not a “Captain Jack Slept Here” sign, John Barrowman has done book signings at this shop.


For galleries of other Supernatural conventions, check out our Comic-Con Travel Page.

The Impala is packed, we’ll see you there!





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MJ Wilke is the founder of Wayward Nerd. She is a road warrior. A nerd. A trekkie. A whovian. A Star Wars fanatic. She will go where no one has gone before, come back and post it here.

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