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Great Ideas to Pass the Time Waiting for a Star Wars Movie

By Chris Gore


We are all veterans of one war . . . Star Wars! And one thing that true fans enjoy, even look forward to, is waiting in line to see a new Star Wars movie. It has now become a tradition to wait patiently as the anticipation builds. Some will wait for hours, days, or even weeks, camping out in front of a theater. These die-hard fans have turned the waiting itself into an event as part of the entire experience of seeing a new chapter in the continuing Star Wars saga. Below are a few suggestions of things you can do to pass the time until . . . STAR WARS!


1. Enjoy a Star Wars movie marathon.

Through the Disney Movies Anywhere app, you can purchase digital copies of episodes I through VII and enjoy them, well, anywhere. So while you stand there, get reacquainted with the story of the Skywalker family by watching the movies on an iPad or mobile device. 


2. Make new friends.

One of the best parts about waiting in line is making new friends. So get to know your neighbors in line and ask them what made them a Star Wars fan. Who is their favorite character? Which Star Wars movie do they love the most? You might even consider starting a debate, so just say something like, “I really love Jar Jar” and see what happens. And if things go well, you’ll be fast friends on social media and maybe even real life.  


3. Play a game.

Sure, you can play any number of Star Wars games on your mobile device, but here’s a game you can play in real life with all the new friends you just made in line. All you need is your brain and the wealth of Star Wars knowledge you have amassed over the years. It’s very simple and here’s how it works: Simply ask a question such as “What is the name of a Star Wars planet?” Now each player must name a planet from Star Wars, and you bounce back and forth between players naming planets in rapid fire. If the answer is incorrect, if they repeat an answer someone has already said, or if they hesitate for more than 10 seconds, they lose. Try asking to name an Imperial officer, a Star Wars vehicle, a Rebel, a weapon, an alien race, or any number of categories. 


You can also just host a Star Wars spelling bee and, boy, that can be really difficult. In order to avoid debates, you’ll find all the answers on the Star Wars Wiki.


4. Post your Star Wars selfie.

The official Star Wars app allows users to take a photo of themselves as a Jedi or any number of characters from the galaxy far, far away. So take photos of yourself or your friends and post them on social media. 


5. Learn the ways of the Force.

The Jedi Path Manual is the perfect book to get the details of all things Force-related, and it’s included in the Nerd Buys section of our site. And once you’ve read the book, try your new powers on “weaker minds.” 


6. Do some Star Wars shopping.

Oh. Hey, that reminds me. You’ll find not only Star Wars merch in our Nerd Buys section, but also some carefully curated geeky items that will complete all your holiday shopping. I mean, where else are you going to find a Lord of the Rings chess set or Steampunk packing tape? 


7. Give to charity.

Since many of the movie theaters have assigned seating, there’s no real reason to actually wait in a line. So many of those currently camping out overnight to hold a place are donating their time to collect money for worthwhile charities like the Make a Wish Foundation or Omaze, which actually partnered with Disney to promote giving to their organization. If you plan to wait for an extended period, consider making the most of that time by raising awareness for a cause that you are passionate about supporting. 


Whether you play a game, make new friends, or give to charity, just remember . . . the Force will be with you. Always. And I’m sure we’ll all be back in line for Episode VIII in 2017.



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Chris Gore is a comedian, a writer and an occasional TV host. He is a trekkie. A film devotee. He is in constant search of the nerd universe and will report back with news of alien life. He is batman. 

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