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What Do You Take to a Star Wars Movie Marathon? 

Special Editor's Note: Wayward Nerd asked a nerdy someone what they plan on bringing to a Star Wars Saga Movie Marathon. 

by Lawrence Green


Like any marathon, a Star Wars Saga Movie Marathon requires planning. What do I wear? Will they let me bring in the massive collection of lightsabers? Am I going to stay awake for all episodes? What will I eat? I do have a sophisticated plan of coffee, bathroom, and chocolate breaks. 


My theater of choice says "No" to the lightsaber. Sorry buddy, you are staying home. Costumes are a "no" also, although a Jedi robe is more of a fashion choice than a costume. They did say "Yes" to a small backpack for "essentials." So the astromech droid, which would easily store all my items, is also staying home. It's good to check policies as more theaters are banning backpacks or have planned on searching bags. My Jedi utility belt is at the ready should there be a last-minute change in policy. 


With Yoda as my guide, I will be ready.

1. Camera

To capture the excitement.


2. Sunglasses

For blocking out light during micro-sleeping.


3. Foam Ear Plugs

To block out sounds during micro-sleeps.


4. Turkey Jerky

Can't survive on popcorn alone.


5. Emergen-C Packets

Always good to rehydrate and replenish. It's a marathon after all.


6. Hand Wipes

To get that little perk-up around hour 17, and also keep hands clean. 

7. iPhone and Charger

Phones, like astromechs, need reserve power supply.


8. Wetting Eye Drops


9.  Chewing Gum


10. Jacket

Theaters are cold.


11. Inflatable Airline-Type Pillow

For use during scheduled breaks for micro-sleeps.


12. Headphones

Listen to music or catch Star Wars release coverage during breaks.


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Lawrence Green — civil servant by day, Jedi by night. He is a photographer. MacGyver to geeks. He loves good film, television, food — and coffee. Good coffee. The Dark Knight is his spirit animal. 

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