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What’s in my bag? 

Editor's Note: Each month Wayward Nerd will ask a nerdy someone what they bring to comic-cons or generally can't travel without. 

by Chris Gore


My bag is as important to me as Batman’s utility belt is to the Caped Crusader. When I’m at a con, my bag not only contains the essentials, it keeps me going from morning until night. Sure, I’ve been teased that it looks like a purse or a “murse” but I don’t care. If Star-Lord from “Guardians of the Galaxy” did anything, he taught us that this handy carrying case is called a satchel. And satchels are pretty awesome.


The con essentials in my satchel contain snacks to stave off hunger, tech accessories and tools to navigate any comic-con to make the most of my time. 

1. Snacks

Protein bars and unsalted almonds make good healthy snacks. You’ll have to skip at least one meal a day, so replace it with something that will keep up your energy.


2. Minty Things

When brushing your teeth is not possible, at least your breath won’t be bad.


3. Fresh Fruit

This is a much better snack than the junk served at a con. And vitamin C is important to fight off the con crud that always seems to be going around.


4. Hat

This bat cap was obtained from Death Valley. You’ll need it to wait in line in the sun. Or when you have no time to shower and have to get to the con, you’ll be happy to find that you packed a hat in your bag. I mean, satchel.


5. Sunscreen

Of course, this is only necessary if you absolutely have to be outdoors, which doesn’t happen all that often at a con. That is, unless you’re at San Diego Comic-Con in the Hall H line and haven’t yet made it to the safety of the tents. Then you will be very happy you remembered that sunscreen.


6. Pens and Hand Sanitizer


7. Stuff I bought at the con

Leave room in your bag for all those things you’ll pick up at the con.


8. Device Battery

A fully charged battery is important. Otherwise you’ll be tethered to a wall outlet. This particular one is like a thin credit card and offers nearly a full charge for an iPhone.


9. Phone Charger

And if you can, bring an extra cable for a friend.


10. iPad or Tablet

This comes in handy in more ways than one. 


11. Note Pads

These come in very handy. Sure, going digital is cool, but old school analog writing is still necessary.


12. Ear Buds

The perfect way to pass the time waiting in line.


13. Water

Pack a few bottles that you can refill or use a thermos. Otherwise you’ll pay $3 or more for water. Water!


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