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What’s in my backpack? 

Editor's Note: Each month Wayward Nerd will ask a nerdy someone what they bring to comic-cons or generally can't travel without. 

by MJ Wilke


I travel a lot — more than most. Twenty years as a road warrior taught me you need to be prepared (mostly for missed meals), but also you have to carry what you pack. Lightweight is key. The bag itself changes based on the con, as I have many and all have a nerdy flair; however, the items inside stay the same.

1. Hairbrush, travel


2. Healing Balm

Honest Co. Healing Balm works triple duty — as a hand cream, on blisters, and unruly hair.


3. Jelly Belly Sport Beans

A great boost during a long wait in line.


4. Travel Wipes

I use Honest Co., they are thicker and not as wet as other brands. Great for cleanup after eating on the run, plus they double as a spot remover!


5.  Notebook

I take a lot of notes.


6. Pencil, Pen, Sharpie, and Highlighters

All neatly confined in a child’s Darth Vader pencil pouch.

7. Program

I highlight my program with multiple colors to reflect my can’t-miss, would-like-to, and if-there-is-time sessions.


8. Granola Bar

To take the edge off when meal breaks are not timely.


9. Pain Relievers

In small labeled, pill pouches. By day two, the meeting room lighting, exhibit floor noise, and muscle strain usually kicks in.


10. Altoids, small tin


11. Lip Balm


12. Tissues, travel size


13. Essentials Bag

I use an Eagle Creek lightweight zippered small bag to contain all the small items.



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