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What’s in my bag? 

Editor's Note: Each month Wayward Nerd will ask a nerdy someone what they bring to comic-cons or generally can't travel without. 

by Tracey Maye


I’ve been attending comic-cons for about a decade, and I try to get to at least four cons each year, including the mother of them all, the San Diego Comic-Con. Because I travel in a power wheelchair, it is necessary for me to follow my immigrant father’s minimalist approach of “If you can’t hack it, don’t pack it.” However, the following are must-have items you will always find on me at cons.

1. Sunscreen

Highest SPF and smallest container I can find. Many of the cons I attend are in the southwest, so I don’t underestimate the impact of the sun just getting from the hotel to the convention center.


2. Business Cards

Cons are full of creators, artists and industry professionals.  It is a good idea to have business cards handy for newfound contacts met in line.


3. Pain Relievers

Fill an empty prescription bottle with any necessary medication, including plenty of ibuprofen. Sore muscles or a headache can occur during full con days. Ibuprofen always does the trick. 


4. Printed Schedule

I either make my own schedule or print my schedule from the con’s online program. I find it easier to pull out one or two pages than a whole program in crowded con hallways. 


5. Mints

Enough said. 

6. Iced Coffee or Bottled Water

My bag has a big front pocket that fits an iced coffee or water bottle snugly. Caffeine! Hydrate!


7. Trail Mix

Eating on the go is standard at a con, so I pack a handmade mix of all my favorites: raisins, dried pineapple, yogurt-covered peanuts for long waits in panel rooms.  


8. Wallet

I always have ID and money handy. Cash is always helpful and appreciated, especially for the people waiting behind you.


9. iPhone

Podcasts, Apps, Twitter all pre-loaded with the con’s most up-to-date information. The Notes App is great for any writing inspirations or tips from panelists.


10. Game of Thrones Pin

The Hand pin on the outside of my bag reminds my friends that I won it in last year’s Game of Thrones fantasy league, where I reigned supreme.


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Tracey Maye is a screenwriter who likes to mix dark humor into genre thrillers. She is a geek. Sings the Song of Fire and Ice. You will find her where there is Cornetto ice cream.

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