Don’t Just Stare at the Screen. Make a Virtual Con More Real.

Elevate your experience and create a comic-con state-of-mind.

Virtual cons are not the same as in-person conventions—that is definitely stating the obvious. But you can do things to move the needle away from a ho-hum Zoom meeting and closer to an in-person experience. 


Virtual nerd races you can do virtually anywhere

What is a virtual race? It is an actual event that you participate in, complete the distance and achieve a medal. What makes it virtual? You choose the time and place; it doesn’t have the structure or pressure of a timed race. It is not run in a virtual reality experience or a game, it is real sweat and real achievement. 


15 Gifts for Nerds Under $35

Giving gifts to nerds can be challenging, even if you are yourself a full fledged nerd. So many interests and fandoms to consider — Star Wars, Star Trek, Old School, New School or Doctor Who. So much it can make ones head spin. This list of 15 under $35 covers them all.  


Gas prices are the lowest in decades. What does that mean to a nerd? Road Trip! While we are in various degrees of stay-at-home, we can dream, research and plan for when those roads open again. What better way to ease back into travel after the order has been lifted than driving down a nearly deserted highway, Supernatural style.


“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” – Dean Winchester

Playlists enhance your trip experience and heighten the anticipation, but most importantly playlists keep the driver engaged. Long drives can cause zone-outs, and that’s not good. Therefore, the driver is the one who needs to pick the music (thanks, Dean) or at least control the playing of it. It is simply active versus passive.


Explore a universe right from your couch.

Staying at home doesn’t mean your can't virtually travel the universe. There's a world to explore and beyond using your desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. Join us as we guide you through a few to explore.


Book Nerd

Here are a few suggestions to stock up on some items for those nerdy about books.

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