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Family Business Beer Co

Fans of the TV show “Supernatural,” understand the family business motto…saving people, hunting things. For “Supernatural” actor Jensen Ackles it also means beer. He and his family launched the Family Business Beer Company in 2018 with a subtle nod and a slight twist to the show's iconic catch phrase. To experience this family business just head to the quirky town of Dripping Springs, Texas.




SDCC Open Registration Badge Sale Strategy

Get ready, the open registration badge sale is about to begin

Preparation is key when the masses vie for limited San Diego Comic Con badge. Take a few tips from Wayward Nerd to help you survive... Badgepocalypse!


Plan now if you need a hotel room for next summer at San Diego Comic-Con... no kidding!

There are about 55,000 hotel rooms in the San Diego area, with only 11,000 in the downtown area. Attendees alone are estimated at more than 130,000 for SDCC. Securing a room can be an ordeal, so knowing what your options are is important. 


Comic-Con International- San Diego 2018 (9).jpg
From the origin story to the sprawling multi-verse entity it is today

Comic-Con. It's a name (noun), an activity (verb), an event, a place, a state of mind. And similar to the word "nerd" -- "comic-con" can have many different meanings for many different people. The term comes from the shortening of "comic book convention."


A Klingon Christmas Carol Mounds Theater_800_hz.jpg
A classic holiday movie retold through the lens of Klingon

The theatre troupe at The Historic Mounds Theatre, in St. Paul, Minnesota retells a classic holiday movie from the point of view of Klingons. This year the tradition continues with a stage production of “It’s an Honorable Life,” a retelling of the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” from the point of view of Klingons. The play is performed in English and Klingon, with English subtitles projected onto a screen behind the stage.


Fast, easy, and nerdy gifts

Great gift ideas for the nerd in your life that won't even dent your wallet.


Meow Wolf (9)_NP.jpg
What get when you put an art collective and a master fantasy writer in an empty warehouse

Fundamentally, it is an attraction, but it's also a fun house, art exhibit, music venue, children’s learning center, family amusement park, mystery house, and portal to magical worlds.

Wayward Nerd is ... 

here to serve all who grab a lanyard, lightsaber, and sonic screwdriver, pack it in a suitcase and head off to explore the nerdy universe. Think of us as your guide. 


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