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Tired of just saving people and hunting things?

Take a few selfies along the way and you could win some awesome prizes.


Visit a city the Winchesters have traveled to and take selfie or photo next to a municipal sign or building.* 


The city needs to have been traveled to by the Winchesters (separate or together), not just mentioned and verified by a online source such as our friends at


Click here for a sortable list of currently verified cities. 


* An official sign with the city's name, such as a road sign or a welcome sign. A municipal building would have the city name clearly displayed on the building. Examples would be city hall, a water tower, or a post office. 


Click here for official rules. 

or this...
Like this...

Post image using #WaywardSPNRoadTrip to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. 


Enter to win. One entry per verified city/image. Every unique image and entry is one ballot for the grand prize drawing. Every entrant with 5 valid cities posted will receive a t-shirt. Contest runs through January 31, 2017.

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