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Preparing for SDCC Returning Registration Badge Sale

Badge sale for returning SDCC attendees will be October 12, 2019. It’s best to be prepared when the Badgepocalypse time comes.

The Badgepocalypse that is San Diego Comic-Con International Returning Registration badge sale is upon us once again. The sale for the 2020 badges is October 12, for eligible 2019 SDCC attendees. Open registration will occur at a later date. Not much will be different from last year’s badge sale, except a badge shipping address on the Member ID page under Contact Info tab has been added. As you know, this is no time to be caught unprepared. Wayward Nerd has compiled a few reminders to help you survive ... Badgepocalypse!

Verify eligibility and discounts.

Double check your Member ID sale eligibility, senior/military discount status, and update badge mailing address early. The SDCC Member ID system will close without warning prior to badge sale day. 

Work as a team.

Have a sheet with each team member’s Last Name and Member ID ready. Keep in touch with team via conference call—works better than text messaging.


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Check your available credit.

Determine your payment method. SDCC only accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You may purchase up to 3 badges for a total of $912. Check your available credit ahead of time.

Use multiple devices.

Monitor San Diego Comic-Con International’s homepage, Twitter and Facebook on separate devices from one’s with a portal active. 

Take screen shots.

Take screen shots at various stages of the process to document. If there is a problem contact SDCC immediately. 

Have timer ready.

Have a timer pre-set to 15 minutes. There is no countdown clock once you are in the purchase room. 

Stay calm.

Once you are on the purchase page, take a moment to breathe — you have 15 minutes. 

Good luck and join us on Twitter @waywardnerd as we live tweet the event. 

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