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Four Ways May the 4th Be With You

By Chris Gore


Star Wars fans are bound by their love for the adventure, the characters, and the philosophy contained in this ongoing series of films that has changed the world. Below are four ways to celebrate your love of Star Wars. But don’t forget the easiest way, just turn to a relative, a loved one or a friend and say, “May the 4th be with you… always.”

1. Wear

If you’re reading this site, there’s a good chance you already own a Star Wars T-shirt or two… or three or four or more. The 4th is the day to break out that shirt. You could also wear a button or a hat or a pair of sunglasses or a pair of tights. Cosplay is encouraged, but not necessary on May the 4th.

2. Play

Trivia night is a favorite in bars across the United States, and themed trivia nights are increasingly popular. If you cannot find a Star Wars trivia night near you, have one of your own. There are no shortage of Star Wars board games from Trivial Pursuit to Monopoly and more. A personal favorite game involves challenging a friend to name a Star Wars planet, vehicle, or alien race. If any challenger repeats a name or cannot think of one after a few seconds, they are out. 


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3. Create

One of the best parts about Star Wars is how much it inspires and encourages creativity. Consider one of the more complex LEGO playsets as a family activity — and the more difficult playsets require the efforts of the entire family to complete. There are so many craft projects to be found; one great source is “The Star Wars Craft Book” by Bonnie Burton. A personal favorite involves making Star Wars cookies, it’s the craft project you can eat!

4. Party

There ain’t no party like a Star Wars party, and there are plenty already happening if you simply seek it out. Major League Baseball is even hosting special Star Wars nights, so see an MLB game and wear your Darth Vader shirt proudly at the ballpark. A quick Internet search will reveal many Star Wars–themed parties as well as recipes for adult beverages, so seek out a party or have one of your own.

We are all veterans of one war… Star Wars. And we join together once a year on May the 4th to celebrate our fandom. A Star Wars fan always remembers the first time they were introduced to that galaxy far, far away. I was fortunate enough to see the original Star Wars at the Americana Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, in May of 1977 the first weekend it opened. From the moment that massive Star Destroyer soared over my head, I became a fan for life. I was forever changed by a movie and I quickly found out that I was not alone. Star Wars fandom continues to grow as new generations of fans learn the ways of the Force each year. 

There are no set traditions and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate May the 4th, simply allow the Force to guide you.

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