A Brief History of the Comic-Con Universe

Comic-Con. It’s a name (noun), an activity (verb), an event, a place, a state of mind. And similar to the word “nerd” – “comic-con” can have many different meanings for many different people. The term comes from the shortening of “comic book convention.” 

From the origin story to the sprawling multi-verse entity it is today.


Are you ready?

Get ready, the open registration badge sale for San Diego Comic Con International will be November 16, 2019. As past attendees can attest, this is no time to be caught unprepared. Wayward Nerd has compiled a few tips and suggestions to help you survive ... Badgepocalypse!


Feb 14-16, 2020

Gallifrey One

Gallifrey One is an annual Doctor Who convention that is fan-run. All things Whovian are celebrated from the classic to the new at this family friendly, lively convention full of costumers and cosplayers. Daleks and K-9s seem to roam free amongst the Doctors and the Masters. The attendance is capped at 3400 providing for a more intimate experience and coveted ticket.


Get all the details on ticket procedure, host hotels, food options, and any other relevant information. 


A Strange New World: A Visit to the Vasquez Rocks

by Chris Gore

Join Chris Gore as he sets out on a Trekkie adventure to Vasquez Rocks, the filming location for the classic Star Trek episode "Arena." There he finds where Captain Kirk fought the Gorn as well as awe-inspiring rock formations. 



Fans of the TV show “Supernatural,” understand the family business motto…saving people, hunting things. For “Supernatural” actor Jensen Ackles it also means beer.  He and his family launched the Family Business Beer Company in 2018 with a subtle nod and a slight twist to the show's iconic catch phrase. To experience this family business just head to the quirky town of Dripping Springs, Texas.


The Ultimate Guide to Nerdy Travels

Are you interested in Star Wars? Star Trek? Are you a science nerd? A comic-book nut? Ready to hop on a plane to Hawaii? Stay close to home? Wayward Nerd's Ultimate Guide to Nerdy Travels can find a perfectly nerdy trip, event, or place for you. Give it a try. 


In a Charitable Mood

Here are a few suggestions for when you feel like giving a gift and giving back. Charitable gifts. It's a good idea.

Wayward Nerd is ... 

here to serve all who grab a lanyard, lightsaber, and sonic screwdriver, pack it in a suitcase and head off to explore the nerdy universe. Think of us as your guide. 


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