Getting to Galaxy’s Edge: A Journey to Star War’s Remote Planet Batuu

A travel guide to an epic adventure at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Whether you travel to Disneyland Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, getting to Batuu requires some planning and preparations – much like actually traveling to the remote planet at the far edge of the galaxy, we presume..


It’s Irrational — Pi

Get ready to celebrate the most irrational day of the year — Pi Day otherwise know as March 14 (3.14). If you are a round-up kind of person, this year is even more fun (3.14.16). We've put together a few great buys to help you recognize this day in style.


Hotel EMC2 (4).jpg

Leonardo da Vinci got it. Albert Einstein got it. The Hotel EMC2 in Chicago, Illinois gets it — science and art are connected like mass, light and energy. Walking into the lobby, da Vinci's quote boldly graces the wall. 


“Study the science of art, study the art of science, develop your senses, learn how to see, realize that everything connects to everything else.”


The Ultimate Guide to Nerdy Travels

Are you interested in Star Wars? Star Trek? Are you a science nerd? A comic-book nut? Ready to hop on a plane to Hawaii? Stay close to home? Wayward Nerd's Ultimate Guide to Nerdy Travels can find a perfectly nerdy trip, event, or place for you. Give it a try. 


From the origin story to the sprawling multi-verse entity it is today.

Comic-Con. It’s a name (noun), an activity (verb), an event, a place, a state of mind. And similar to the word “nerd” – “comic-con” can have many different meanings for many different people. The term comes from the shortening of “comic book convention.” 

Wayward Nerd is ... 

here to serve all who grab a lanyard, lightsaber, and sonic screwdriver, pack it in a suitcase and head off to explore the nerdy universe. Think of us as your guide. 


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